I greatly appreciate your efforts in scrambling for hours to find a place for the crew to stay and eat.

-US Coast Guard

Very responsive to our needs. Reports, paperwork submitted well ahead of requested time. Easy to work with. Very accessible at anytime.

-J. C., US Air Force

You were exceptional. I have always gotten great support from the hotel and even better from your office. Glad to have you out there, makes my job easier.

-F. K., Fisher House

Thank you again for all the hard work that went into trying to find them a place as well as setting up additional places to eat. I and the crew greatly appreciate your services.

-US Coast Guard

The Performance of this Vendor has been Superior.
Bluewater Management group, LLC has been dependable, reliable and able to respond on the shortest Notice.
Timelines, Courtesy and Overall ability to provide Contracted services had been superior.
Business and Customer relations is the best I have seen in the business.
Always very concerned about the well being of the crew

-US Coast Guard

Great Service, Great Customer Service. Unscheduled and Emergencies, the Contractor is Great. Best Contractor I have worked with.

-S. L., Joint Communications Support Element

You personally ensured our well being and made it easy to change plans on a moment’s notice. Your dedication allowed the crew’s needs to be taken care of during a time when they were away from home and family. Your dedication to this crew was extremely evident in your flexibility with changes.

-US Coast Guard

Thank you so much. The soldiers and I are forever grateful for all of your hard work, believe me I know the hurdles you had to overcome to accomplish this. Again thank you for your support. Airborne All the Way!


When requests that would make life more enjoyable were made, you were able to meet them in a timely manner, without hesitation.

-US Coast Guard

You got many kudo’s from Mr. W, who said that you provided outstanding service and QA during their stay.
Thank you for taking care of the crew. They loved the accommodations you provided.

-US Coast Guard