We have experience in providing lodging, meals, meeting space, and ground transportation throughout the United States.


We provide customized lodging through apartments, efficiencies and hotels and have the ability to provide a variety of amenities which may include full kitchens, separate living areas, business centers, High speed internet access, fitness center, pool, spa, laundry facilities, parking, shuttles, housekeeping, meals and many other amenities. We perform site inspections throughout the country to keep our relationships with our partners strong and ensure the best properties that meet high standards and contract requirements. Most hotels and many apartments that we provide are certified FEMA properties, and all meet or exceed the standards set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act.

We have an impeccable reputation for putting our customers first, working at a moment’s notice to procure lodging for unexpected requirements.


Meals, Transportation, Meeting Space and Additional Services

If an amenity or service is needed that is not normally provided, we will personally research and negotiate to obtain it for the client. Additional services provided are ground transportation, meeting space, laundry service and meals. We are able to provide meals in accordance with the nutrition, variety, and location requirements at rates below per diem.

If at any time there is an issue, we are available 24/7 via email or our personal phone lines.